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ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing, Speech, Gifted, & Others We find a teacher that meets your child’s unique developmental needs.
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Special Education TeacherCaregivers

ADHD, Autism, Gifted Education, Speech & Language…

Our mission is to help your child develop to his or her potential. We are committed to helping your child lead a happy life, today and into the future and understand that the right teacher can make all the difference. That is why we offer three promises:
  • Your teacher is extensively vetted for his or her Knowledge, Education, Experience and Passion (KEEP).
  • Your teacher creates a personalized educational plan based on your child’s individual needs.
  • Your teacher will be carefully matched to align with your child’s and family’s needs.
  Whether you are looking for a full-time TeacherCaregiver, part-time care or teaching, behavioral support, therapeutic support, an after school program, or supplemental enrichment services, we provide excellence in supportive home care. Contact us now to set up a free consultation.


Special Education TeacherCaregivers (SETCs) give your child a home program that augments all of his or her strengths and abilities, while also improving any areas of difficulty. SETCs create individualized education plans to improve:
  • Attention
  • Task completion
  • Behavior goals
  • Executive functioning

Gifted Education

Keeping your child engaged and excited about learning requires them to be challenged. Our TeacherCaregivers provide one-on-one, personalized interactions that turn learning into an adventure. Give your chip the opportunity to extend his or her gifts, strengths and interests – and launch them to the next levels!

Special Needs

“It’s very cool to know that I made such a big difference for this family, and that they made such a big difference for me.” –TeacherCaregiver Christy Weidner Our special needs teachers are eager to create a personalized educational plan to meet your family’s needs. Your TeacherCaregiver will provided support, care and a stimulating, learning environment for your child. The TeacherCaregiver will provide support in home, in the classroom and other areas of your child’s community.

Autism Spectrum

  • Whether at home, in the classroom or in any other area where support is necessary, our teachers offer individualized support that grows social and emotional development.
  • As your child advances, learning is constantly assessed and evolving.
  • Your TeacherCaregiver will communicate and integrate with other educational support professionals.
  • TeacherCaregivers are selected for their ability to create a strong. supportive environment that helps your child reach their potential.

Speech & Language

In collaboration with a speech and language professional, a TeacherCaregiver will enhance your child’s language skills, goals and abilities. Through a language-based curriculum, the TeacherCaregiver will assist in attaining language development in a natural, motivational and engaging environment. Research shows that young children with language learning delays can gain significant language gains through intentional language-rich activities. TeacherCaregivers incorporate these activities through natural interactions such as play, self-care, parallel and self-talk.
Our child is autistic and can have some very challenging behaviors. Monica has done a remarkable job with him. Monica has worked with autistic children for several years and her background is in behavioral intervention. We have seen considerable improvement in Carter’s problematic behaviors and I think it is directly attributable to her one-on-one support of him. Monica also watches our 3 year old on nights when we can’t be home in time to get him from preschool. She is a fantastic addition to our household and I am far less stressed over whether a caregiver can “handle” Carter. We are thrilled to have found TeacherCare to fulfill our very specific caregiver requirements and we couldn’t be happier.

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