“Christina is the most talented teacher I have ever met. Everyday, she brings activities and lessons to our home that are developmentally appropriate for our girls who are 3.5 years apart. Christina has been doing this since Kate was 3 months old. She creatively and simultaneously educates the children…and the activities are phenomenal – they meet both girl’s individual interests while being educational and memorable! And, she’s amazing with both me and my husband. She benefits everyone.”

Christina, a 2011 TeacherCaregiver Finalist, holds a degree in Elementary Education and is an experienced home school and daycare teacher.


Parent, NYC, New York

“Katy is everything I hoped for and more. She taught me about excellence in parenting and helped my children become the kind of human beings we are all proud of…I interviewed at least 15 other applicants. Katy was the only TeacherCare candidate I interviewed, and I knew from the start she was right fit for our family. I know we are blessed.”


Mother, Brooklyn, New York

“Leila was extremely good at structuring the children’s days. She never turned on the television. Instead she would get our instruments out, and they would sing and make music, or do arts and crafts, run or skate, read and much more. Nothing was ever forced: everything was fun. The result is that our girls love learning!”


Parent, NYC, New York

“Karen creates a great balance of home-based and extra-curricular activities for the children. We consider ourselves very blessed to have such a kind, intelligent and loving person taking care of our two boys as if they were her own…”


Parent, Chicago, Illinois

“I have been teaching with this wonderful family for almost six months… The family welcomed me so graciously with open arms into their home, and I sensed that a deep bond would be formed very quickly. My connection with Adam (age 5) and Sadie (age 3) was immediately recognizable, and it was evident that I had made the best decision possible by joining this amazing team…”


TeacherCaregiver, NYC, New York

“I began working with Jake when he was three-months old. My career has been undeniably rewarding. Jake has progressed rapidly, and I have evolved and grown as an educator and caregiver. Ours is an ongoing and ever-changing, learning experience…”


TeacherCaregiver, McLean, Maryland

“Rebecca brings intelligence and thoughtfullness to all aspects of her position as a TeacherCaregiver. She is a gift to our boys and to our whole family! Not only do we trust her to keep our boys safe and happy, we know she genuinely cares about them and wants them to thrive. Rebecca is a real professional. From planning daily activities for our oldest son to making sure the baby gets tummy time, Rebecca is knowledgeable about developmental milestones and makes sure that she is working with each of the boys in a developmentally enriching way.”


Parent, Chicago, Illinois

“In choosing childcare for our 2 young children, we felt it was important that our caregiver have a background in child development and/or teaching. And more importantly, we were looking for someone who would understand our parenting philosophy and work with us to carry that philosophy through every day. We consider AnnMarie a partner in parenting – we work together and the children see us a team. I heard about TeacherCare from several other working moms who had a great experience.”


Parent, Chicago, Illinois

Our experience so far has been great, and given some of the challenges that some of my friends have experienced with their child care situtations, I’m really glad we chose the path we did, and equally glad that we are able to work with Emily, our TeacherCaregiver. I come home every day to three smiling faces and I trust Emily’s judgement and her ability to handle situations at home. She is very observant with the girls moods and physical well being, and knows when to alert me to a serious situation, or wheather it can wait until I get home. She has been very diligent in taking pictures and movies for me, so I don’t miss out completely on the fun Eleanor and Evelyn are having. Emily has the same level of energy at the end of the day as she did in the morning and I think all three enjoy being together.


Los Angeles, California

Rachel has been working for our family caring for our four year old daughter and we truly cannot believe our good fortune in finding her. She has great experience working with young children, and has become one of our daughter’s favorite people in the world to spend time with.

We were exceedingly cautious to find the right person, as our daughter had never had a babysitter, nanny, or caregiver outside the family or her school; Rachel is that person in every way, truly loving to our child, reliable in our routines, and both adventerous and focused in her attention to our daughter.

One of the things we love most about Rachel is she built a strong and authentic relationship with our daughter, and because of that they are always so happily engaged in each other’s company. Rachel became a seamless part of our family and our daily lifestyle and routine immediately, and if Kindergarten wasn’t beckoning next year, we would keep her in our family forever.

Jen & Matt

Manhattan, New York

Our family, for the past 2 1/2 years has utilized TeacherCaregivers. Our oldest child, Marc, is a 14 year old, with Down’s Syndrome. He is classified as moderately mentally handicapped, is hypnotic, and has limited expressive communication function. Our goal for Marc as an adult is to be able to function in the least restrictive environment possible. When we first decided to hire a TeacherCaregiver, Marc was capable of dressing himself, but needed a great deal of supervision getting ready for school. At the end of six months working with a TeacherCaregiver, Marc was getting up, getting dressed and performing tolieting and personal care functions independently, with minimal supervision. He also transitioned out of taking a special bus, into taking the highschool bus, greatly improving his self esteem and independence skills. We learned how to raise our expectations to a reasonable level from our TeacherCaregiver. We would not have been able to accomplish what we have with Marc, without the high quality care our TC provided. We are extremely grateful to TeacherCare for meeting our needs and highly recommend them to others with similiar arrangements.


Parent, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for listening to exactly the type of person I wanted for our family. You totally understood my daughter’s special developmental needs and found the perfect TeacherCaregiver for us!

MJ Naro

Parent, Virginia

“We wanted more personalized care than most daycare facilities can provide. Brooke came on board the second month of my maternity leave and instantly put this first time mother at ease. Not only has Brooke shaped the lives of Dave and Andy, but ours as parents as well. She is truly a cherished member of the family…like a third parent to our sons…”


Parent, NYC, New York