Developmental Milestones: 11-16 Months

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This checklist is a general guideline, please remember that all children develop at different rates. Use this resource to discuss strengths and goals when working with a teacher, child specialist, or educational nanny in the home.

Development Checklist, 11-12 Months

__________ Stands alone? __________ Lowers self from standing alone? __________ Climbs up and down stairs? __________ Walks with one hand held? __________ Drinks from a cup? __________ Possessive of materials? __________ Knows a few words?

Developmental Checklist, 15-16 months

__________ Imitates environment and animal sounds? __________ Feeds self with spoon, but may spill? __________ Indicates wants by pointing? __________ Kneels without support? __________ Brings stool to use for reaching something? __________ Names things when pointed to? __________ Connects/disconnects large beads?

Developmental Checklist, 13-14 months

__________ Takes/Taken first steps? __________ Throws a ball? __________ Points to body parts? __________ Recognizes objects by name? __________ Makes lines with pencils/crayons? __________ Turns pages of cardboard book? __________ Builds tower with blocks?