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For over 20 years we’ve been helping families find extraordinary childcare.

TeacherCaregivers are the most trusted home childcare educators in the nation. Choosing a TeacherCaregiver can help you ensure that your child’s needs are met. We help your child reach his or her potential. Give your child consistent, personalized care and experienced teaching. Maximize your child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development in a fun, playful and loving environment.

TeacherCaregivers hold bachelor degrees, generally in a child-related field, and are experienced childcare specialists. Many hold advanced degrees and possess unique child-related experience. TeacherCaregivers are evaluated and assessed for their child-development knowledge, their ability to provide age-appropriate guided instruction and other indicators of exceptional ability. See more about our screening procedures here.

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Learn how local TeacherCaregivers (TeacherCare’s teachers, child specialists, and educational nannies) can give your child the one-on-one attention that will help them develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

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“After having a personal childcare teacher replace my nanny, I will use only TeacherCare. Here’s my comparison:

  1. My nanny fed Michael. My TC Jessica uses lunchtime as a playful hands-on lesson in pre-science or working cooperatively. He’s also learning manners and responsibility.
  2. My nanny was afraid to take Michael to new places. Jess explores NYC children’s museums, libraries, nature settings and sets up play dates.
  3. My nanny kept everything clean, but Michael was bored and uninspired. Jess helps Michael clean up the fun projects they create, and Michael beams with pride.
  4. Overall, my nanny cared for Michael’s physical welfare, but, Jessica cares for Michael’s full development and he has never been happier!”
Ann Stein

PhD. NYC, New York

Leila Eways has worked as a TeacherCaregiver for eight years. Leila has a Masters Degree in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York. Prior to coming to TeacherCare, Leila served as Founder and Education Director at Bay Ridge Play Place Day Care Center for six years. She also worked for the NYC Board of Education.

“Having provided childcare in a center-based setting; I have come to realize that in a child’s mind there is no place like home. At-home childcare allows greater individual attention and awareness of a child’s needs and characteristics. I can create an individualized learning environment.”

Leila’s previous family shares “Leila was with our family from the time my twins were one until they turned six, at which point we moved to Europe from NY. Leila was a big reason we delayed our move. We wanted our children to have the benefit of her care for as long as possible. Leila was extremely good at structuring the children’s days. She never turned on the television. Instead, she would get our instruments out, and they would singand make music, or do arts and crafts, run or skate, read, and much more. Nothing was ever forced: everything was fun. The result is that our girl’s love learning!”
Leila’s current family, Yupin and Jay, agree ” Leila has brought so much knowledge to our son, not just on a basic level, but a deeper level. Nova really sees the world with wide open eyes. He loves nature and animals, books and crafts largely due to Leila. His speech is unbelievable for a twenty-month old! He almost knows too much! Nova’s typical day includes, the park or a class, lunch, nap and afternoons learning fun activities or enjoying an outing to the zoo, museum or other engaging neighborhood location. I am so grateful to have her as part of my family.”
Leila Eways

TeacherCaregiver, NYC, New York

“I tell all of my friends, who are looking for a nanny about TeacherCare as an alternative. It’s a great concept! I would never do any less for my child.”
Dr. Cynthia Goddam

NYC , New York

“Melissa is perfect! She’s helping my baby and preschooler discover the world everyday. I can’t explain what a wonderful experience this has been.”
Linda and William Lee

Parents, NYC, New York

Becoming a TeacherCaregiver has been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. The relationship that forms between teacher and family is an unbelievable kinship that extends beyond my work expectations. I have been working with Madelyn for a month now, and upon arriving everyday I know two things: the new day will be even more interesting than the previous day, and her eagerness to learn and explore the world will inspire me to be a better catalyst as each day unfolds. Although she is only 16 months old she is sharp, takes direction, and comprehends remarkably. The teach-learn dynamic definitely goes both ways between Madelyn and I, and I value so much her excited reassurance that makes me better at what I do.

Madelyn and I have daily routines that are divided into weekly lesson plans which vary in themes that all focus on social & emotional, language & literacy, creative & cognitive, and physical skills. We begin our days with a warm welcome where Madelyn is allowed time to warm up to me again and adjust to the new day. After this half hour time slot, we begin the days activities which are all broken down into twenty-minute enrichment activities. Throughout the course of the day we read several books to expand Madelyn’s vocabulary and imagination. We incorporate new arts & crafts activities, sensory exploration games, dance and songs, toddler exercises, and an outdoor activity consisting of a nature walk, or a visit to a park.

My TeacherCaregiver experience has been amazing. I’m learning skills now that will ensure that I continue to grow as a teacher and that I become an excellent parent in the future. I would suggest TeacherCare to anyone looking for a quality individualized education for their child.

TeacherCaregiver, NYC, New York