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For over 20 years we’ve been helping families find extraordinary childcare.

TeacherCaregivers are the most trusted home childcare educators in the nation. Choosing a TeacherCaregiver can help you ensure that your child’s needs are met. We help your child reach his or her potential. Give your child consistent, personalized care and experienced teaching. Maximize your child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development in a fun, playful and loving environment.

TeacherCaregivers hold bachelor degrees, generally in a child-related field, and are experienced childcare specialists. Many hold advanced degrees and possess unique child-related experience. TeacherCaregivers are evaluated and assessed for their child-development knowledge, their ability to provide age-appropriate guided instruction and other indicators of exceptional ability. See more about our screening procedures here.

TeacherCare serves all major metropolitan areas. Although the majority of our families and teachers reside in the locations below, we are happy to discuss childcare options with families in all areas of the country.


I am fascinated by the individual development of each child and plan care and education around these needs and strengths.  I believe supporting the Whole Child, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.  My goals would be to support each stage of the child’s
development.  I would be creative in offering the highest quality of learning, and growth.  I would offer a child centered atmosphere and
continually be reassessing the needs and interests of the child in order to make things fun and stimulating.

I have been working with children and families for a few decades.  It is a passion of mine.  I come with a tremendous amount of knowledge.  Most of my professional experience is providing services in home.  I approach each child with a tremendous amount of respect and gentleness.  Teacher-Caregiver seems to share my values in early education, and my philosophy in working with
children and families.


TeacherCaregiver, NYC, New York

My goal for all children is to educate them in a fun way (songs, dancing worksheets, scavengers hunts, play), instill good behavior on them (especially in the bullying area)- I normally use puppets to  show how we should treat others, teach them physical
activities are a great healthy part of life (kids love yoga and it is so helpful in many ways). Give them arts and crafts to help promote healthy stimulation for their creativity. Play is also one of the best ways to instill all great qualities children have- it is their most natural form of learning.

I am a TeacherCaregiver because just babysitting a child is a waste when they can be educated and learning at the same time.


Amanda P.

TeacherCaregiver, Staten Island, New York

Some of the goals/values I instill in children under my care are appropriate cognitive and developmental skills that relate to the age level of the children I am teaching. I incorporate developmental activities that encourage early literacy, math, science, and
social skills through activities that are based on the child’s interests. I also encourage social emotional skills such as identifying feelings and modeling problem solving skills and good manners.

I love working with children and enjoy the experience of working one to one with a child/children in the home. I find that children can truly be themselves in the natural environment of their home and I like to use that opportunity to create fun, developmental activities that are personalized for the children’s needs or interests that I am working with. I also enjoy having a deeper relationship with the family and being a teacher-caregiver will help me to have this type of relationship than I would as a classroom teacher.


Kristie Z.

TeacherCaregiver, Brooklyn, New York