Heather goes above and beyond the call of duty. The most important thing she does besides keeping me organized, my kids organized and on top of new challenges in homework, is building a relationship with them. She is a joy to see in action with my kids who text her and send her pictures every time they accomplish something new. It just goes to show the genuinely close relationship she has developed with them.
Julie M.

Parent, Chicago, Illinois

Kaitlin is creative, patient, and very skilled at teaching the whole person, which is a real winning combination. The boys are busy doing everything from science experiments to craft projects to practicing writing letters and numbers right now. She is a true partner when it comes to looking out for the boys’ best interests and promoting their development. We could not have envisioned a better fit than Kaitlin, for our family.
Preya S.

Parent, Chicago, Illinois

We could not imagine a better caregiving environment. We feel very fortunate to have found Ms. Jennifer through TeacherCare, and based on that experience, eagerly refer other parents to TeacherCare every opportunity we get. Our daughters have grown and blossomed in Ms. Jennifer’s care. She has been with the girls through every major developmental stage from crawling and walking to talking and now pre-reading…We always know that the girls are have fun and enriching days.
Tonya & Paul

Parents, Tacoma Park, Maryland

The TeacherCare Difference
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Laura has been with our family since our oldest was 3 months old. It is now impossible to picture our life as a family without her…As a school administrator who evaluates teachers as a part of my job, I have found that the most effective teachers are those that have the ability to anticipate a student’s action or response…and seize that moment. Laura seizes such moments with our two little boys each and every day.

Parent & School Administrator , Wilmette, Illinois

William has cerebral palsy and does not walk or talk. When I hired Brandi, I explained I was looking for someone who would push him and help him achieve his full potential…Brandi has gone above and beyond my expectations…She is a true partner in raising my children to be the best they can be.

Joanna P.

Parent, Washington DC

Terry has shaped the lives of our children in so many ways, responding to each of them uniquely and personally in every area (socially, emotionally, and cognitively) every moment of the day. She understands each child’s developmental level and is in tune to their individual needs.
Margaret & Ben

Parents, NYC, New York

I interviewed close to 50 people before I found Kristin. Ms. Kristin is not only the PERFECT teacher and caregiver – she is an amazing playmate for Camron…She is compassionate and caring and uses every interaction with Camron as a learning opportunity. There is no way I can ever compensate Ms. Kristin for the quality of time she spends with Camron when I am not able to be there.

Mother of Cameron, NYC, New York

We originally hoped to find a grandmother-like caregiver. During the interview, we knew Aimee was the one when our then autistic-like 3-year old walked over to Aimee and put his head on her lap. Thank you TeacherCare. We have sent many families to you and hope they were as lucky as we are!
Courtney F.

Parent, NYC, New York

We LOVE Heidi! I saw a difference immediately after Heidi began working with our daughter. She’s just amazing.

Parent, NYC, New York

Amanda has far surpassed our hopes and expectations. The girls are learning –and enjoying learning– at an amazing clip. No way they would be this engaged in learning in a regular school setting, and no way they would be learning at as organic a pace as they are now. Amanda comes up with innovative and fun ways to help the girls… and the support she gets from your organization is great. We love that she takes advantage of the books, consulting with colleagues who also with TC and the like.”

Parent, Rye, New York

We couldn’t be happier with the care Oliver is receiving. Maddy is very attentive, conscientious, and caring to our son Oliver. She is great about communicating with us what Oliver is up to and what skills he’s developing… She plans out lessons (activities) and she’s always “teaching” talking through everything. Oliver is always excited to see her.

Parent, Chicago, Illinois

No parent could ask for more. Christy came to our family when our lives were upside down. We had just relocated across the country and had also just learned that our son’s compromised immune system would keep him from participating in a classroom setting or joining the extracurricular activities that are part of most 6 year old boys’ lives. You can bet that we were looking for someone very special. When I opened the door to see a smile that literally lights up the room, I knew that Christy would bring that warmth to our son’s life.

Parent, Scottsdale, Arizona

I learn so much from Julie. If we searched the world over, we could not find anyone better for our baby. Both my husband and I learn so much from Julie and really feel she is worth her weight in gold. She has become an integral part of our family.

Parent, Los Angeles, California

Rosalind is amazing. She and Abigail delight in one another. As new parents, we were especially cautious in choosing a childcare provider. We personally spoke with several of the families she has worked with, as she is an over 10 year TeacherCare veteran. Each family gave her superior ratings.
Katherine and Anton

Parents, McLean, Virginia

Courtney is a motivated, caring teacher. Courtney has been a blessing to our family and we continue to enjoy her influence around our 3 children, as well as us. She is a motivated, caring teacher who’s love of teaching has changed our lives forever.
Kimberly and John

Parents, New York, New York

We would be in serious trouble without Samantha. She is fantastic. When Samantha joined our family, we were in crisis. We had two 12 week premature babies in the hospital and a daughter who desperately needed someone special to care for her.

Parent , District of Columbia

I knew Kristin would be a tremendous teacher for our son based on her child-care philosophy, training and education and genuine concern for the well-being of children. I am forever grateful and indebted to Kristin for the positive developments he has mastered at such a young age.

Parent, San Francisco, California

Jackie ‘gets us’ and has seamlessly integrated into our world… She listened closely to our needs early on, and has done everything she can to exceed our expectations….we expect a super-high-quality experience for our children and for our home – something WAY beyond a typical child-care arrangement. Jackie has blown us away.

Parent, NYC, New York

Noelle was fantastic and served wonderfully as both a teacher and a nurturer for our son. Noelle helped us through a very difficult time and, because of the outstanding job she did, Henry is very successful in school now.

Parent, Chicago, Illinois

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