What is TeacherCare?
TeacherCare is a childcare alternative for parents who want more for their children than what a typical nanny agency or daycare center can provide. We serve children ranging from infancy through school age. Our parents seek loving childcare in their home from a teacher who tailors playful learning to the unique development and interests of each child. As parents and educators, we are passionate about providing the highest quality of childcare available.
What is a TeacherCaregiver?
A TeacherCaregiver is a child development specialist who goes to family homes to care for children’s daily needs (meals, driving, bottle care, maintaining order, etc.) while creating playful teaching activities. TeacherCaregivers integrate the family’s goals and priorities into comforting, daily routines. TeacherCaregivers are educated in child-related fields including infant programs, Montessori, child psychology, special needs and gifted education. TeacherCaregivers share years of experience in schools, homes, child programs and centers. TeacherCare conducts two interviews with all candidates before sharing their information with families. Candidates are assessed on their experience, education, developmental knowledge, and passion for working with children. After completing our screening process, TeacherCaregivers are matched with families based on needs, goals and passions. Often, TeacherCaregivers provide specialized care for families with unique situations including: multiple births, foreign adoptions, special needs, gifted abilities, parent loss, preschool and school cross-over, celebrity and government confidentiality, foster care, and home schooling.
What is the process for becoming a TeacherCaregiver?
  1. Apply online at teachercare.com
  2. If we have a family that is a match, a Director at TeacherCare will reach out to you for a phone interview to learn more about your experience and career goals.
  3. If you are selected to move forward after a phone interview, a second interview will be scheduled. The second interview contains questions regarding your background, education, goals, situations when dealing with children, and your beliefs related to education and child care.
  4. After successful completion of the second interview, we will begin sending your contact information to families! TeacherCare will always get your approval before sharing your information with a family.
  5. Families will want to conduct their own interviews. This may include a phone interview, meeting the kids, or trial days. Once a family decides to hire, we will conduct several professional reference checks, as well as background, driving, and education checks.
  6. We encourage you to use TeacherCare as a resource throughout your employment! We are always here to help.
How long will I stay with a family?
TeacherCaregivers are dedicated to their work in education, to the children that they teach, and to the families. TC’s and families generally agree to a minimum 1 year commitment and hold work reviews annually. The average TeacherCaregiver remains with her chosen family for over three years, often from a firstborn’s birth through the lastborn’s school days. Many TC’s begin second placements after the first family’s children begin school. However, they remain in the hearts and minds of each family. Our goal is that every TeacherCaregiver and TeacherCare family find mutual respect and fulfillment in supporting children through their early childhood years and beyond.
What about salary and benefits?
TeacherCaregiver salaries vary from city to city (TeacherCare works nationally in cities including but not limited to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, DC, San Francisco and Phoenix) and are based on experience, education, number of hours on the job, the number of children in the home, and specific responsibilities and needs. Salaries typically range from $700-$1100.00 per week (gross). Positions typically range from 30-55 hours per week. TeacherCaregivers are employed by the families, not through TeacherCare. Therefore, each situation is unique. We recommend having discussions regarding salary or benefits requirements with your TeacherCare director early on. We are here to make sure families and teachers are happy!
Where is TeacherCare located?
TeacherCare helps families find quality childcare throughout the country. Although the majority of our families and teachers reside in the locations below, we are happy to discuss childcare options with families in all areas of the country.
  • Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Manhattan / New York, New York
  • New Jersey
  • DC, Virginia, Maryland
  • Phoenix, Arizona

What are TeacherCaregivers saying?

I was in a wonderful Kindergarten classroom for 6 years and I loved it, but I never felt like I could give extra attention to specific areas of learning because just as we got started on something, it was time to move on to the next project. Now I have the ability to tailor lessons specifically for one on one situations for Avery and Liam without constraints. At home we focus not only on cognitive development, but we work on everything – responsibility in their daily life, using good manners at the dinner table, practicing piano and guitar, developing physical skills and more! Being a TC is so fulfilling – and I’m learning more every day too! – Annmarie, Master’s of Clinical Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois

I provide children with confidence as they learn about the world. Each child’s strengths and natural abilities are windows to their learning. I help children build a strong foundation for the future. How? I find out how the child learns (i.e. through auditory, visual, tactical, etc.) and then shape instruction through a combination of these elements. When I work one-on-one with a child, and with a parents support, the young child develops a broader perspective on life and learning than he or she might in a group setting. Together, the benefits are exponential. -Sarah, Master’s in Childhood Education in Manhattan, New York

Having provided childcare in a center-based setting, I have come to realize that in a child’s mind, there is no place like home. TeacherCare allows greater individual attention and awareness of a child’s needs and characteristics. I can create a truly individualized learning environment! -Leila, Master’s in Psychology in Manhattan, New York

Finding and working for Teachercare has truly been a blessing for me. Working as a full-time teacher and graduate school student pursing a Masters in School Psychology, I was barely keeping my head above the water- there just weren’t enough hours in the day! Teachercare has provided me with a full-time job with a wonderful family that appreciates and values my experience as a teacher. I am able to focus on my school work AND work in a child-related job that has enhanced my experience in meaningful, productive manner. Teachercare is a well-structured platform that allows those who want to be more than a babysitter or nanny with meaningful and enjoyable employment opportunities. The TeacherCare representatives are excellent communicators, and great listeners- they really took everything I was looking for in a job and found the perfect family for me! Families can also feel at rest because TeacherCare does almost all of the legwork in ensuring that all teachers are qualified through thoroughly interviewing, screening and matching communicated wants/needs. As an additional benefit, TeacherCare representatives are always available to both families and teachers to mediate or communicate additional needs or concerns. I am constantly recommending TeacherCare to families and teachers who value meaningful, supportive and loving child care . -Laura, Bachelor’s in Psychology in Baltimore, Maryland

TeacherCare is an excellent agency and I couldn’t be happier that I chose them to help me find the perfect family! I was a nanny moving to New York City and in search of a family that was fitting to my teaching style, personality, and helpful through the stressful process of the move. TeacherCare found me a perfect match! Everyone I spoke to was friendly and very helpful throughout the entire process. Their communication is outstanding. They are always there if I need assistance and occasionally call and check in to make sure everything is going well. They were able to offer me a multitude of families in which I was able to select one that was a good fit! I definitely recommend TeacherCare if you are a nanny in search of a job. I would also recommend TeacherCare to families looking for nannies because the interviewing and screening process was very in depth and thorough; I trust that TeacherCare selects only the best candidates as well as the best families among the vast amount of applicants they receive. -Celine, Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education in Manhattan, New York

TeacherCare helped me find good work, and to navigate the process of setting up fair parameters to do that work. I am so grateful to have found a perfect fit with a family, schedule, and pay that work for me. I don’t think I could have done this nearly as well on my own in a new city. It was such a comfort to have them help me through the process. -Kelly, Master’s in Special Education in Brooklyn, New York

I was a preschool teacher looking to make a cross country move. Somehow Jessica knew I was exactly what one of her clients was looking for and visa versa. It’s been three years and I’m still working with this wonderful TeacherCare family. TeacherCare was very supportive through the entire relocation process and after, and I’m still blown away at how Jessica knew this match would work. The move changed my life, and I’m grateful everyday that I took the chance at this opportunity! -Molly, Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education in Los Angeles, California

It’s been wonderful working with TeacherCare over the years. I found TeacherCare right out of college and TC helped me find a great family to work with. Then, more recently, when I decided to move again from teaching in the schools to teaching in the home, the TeacherCare team was there to help me find a fantastic family to work with! TeacherCare really understands what a difference one on one learning can make in the early years! Thank you TC! -Amy, Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education in Glenview, Illinois

TeacherCare helped me to find a great family to work for as I transitioned out of working in a school. I was able to work one on one with a boy on the autism spectrum who I absolutely adore. I have so many fond memories from the experience. TeacherCare was incredibly professional and provided me with an experience to apply my education and work on a more individual level with a child and family that treated me with love and care. Thank you! -Vicki, Master’s in Elementary Education in Chicago, Illinois

I am a nanny and have LOVED working with the TeacherCare team. They were incredibly helpful in finding a family that met my needs and matching our personalities. I appreciate their mission and their continued support after this job placement. -Alison, Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in La Grange, Illinois

TeacherCare really does find a kid that matches your experience. I had experience working with autism and other special needs kids and they were able to find a family that had a child with autism that was a really good fit for me. The family I work for is great and TeacherCare is really helpful in getting you started. I would recommend going through this company. -Monica, Bachelor’s in English in Oak Park, Illinois

Becoming a TeacherCaregiver has been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. The relationship that forms between teacher and family is an unbelievable kinship that expands further than work expectations. I have been working with Madelyn for a month now, and upon arriving everyday I know two things: the new day will be even more interesting than the previous day, and her eagerness to learn and explore the world will inspire me to be a better catalyst as each day turns into anew. Madelyn and I have daily routines that are broken up by weekly lesson plans which vary in themes that all focus on social & emotional, language & literacy, creative & cognitive, and physical skills. We begin our days with warm acquainting where Madelyn is allowed time to warm up to me again and adjust to the new day, after this half hour time slot we begin the days activities which are all broken down into 20 minute increments so that we can maximize on our total days time with enrichment activities. Throughout the course of the day we read several books to expand her vocabulary and imagination as well as incorporate new arts & crafts activities, sensory exploration games, dance & sing song, toddler exercises, and an outdoor activity consisting of a nature walk, or visit to a park. My TeacherCaregiver experience has been amazing and I’m learning skills now that will ensure me becoming an excellent parent in the future. I would suggest TeacherCare to anyone looking for a quality individualized education in the home for their child.-LaToya

After working as a TeacherCaregiver for 3 years, I could sing the praises of my career all day. Through tailoring an educational plan for each child, I know that the children I work with will be reached & given every opportunity to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively.-Cheree I love knowing the day is little Annie’s and mine. Best of all, I feel great knowing how much I am bringing to her world. We have so much fun together sharing special moments. I know of no other professional position where I could make such a deep impact on a child’s life.- Kelly