Development & Milestones Checklist: Ages 2-3

Brought to you by TeacherCare
  This checklist is a general guideline, please remember that all children develop at different rates. Use this resource to discuss strengths and goals when working with a teacher, child specialist, or educational nanny in the home. Key Frequently: 90% of the time Usually: 75% of the time Occasionally: 25% of the time Rarely: less than 10% of the time

Large Motor Development

Runs? Climbs furniture and obstacles? Walks up steps without help? Walks backward on command? Kicks ball successfully? Throws ball overhand?

Cognitive Development

Knows he’s/she’s a boy/girl? Points to body parts on direction? Names 3 pictures in picture book? Recognizes primary colors? Understands opposites (come-go)? Matches (compares familiar objects based on color, form, or size, groups similar objects) ? Listens to singing rhymes? Counts to 2 (aware of 1 or more)?

Responsibility & Self Help Skills

Drinks from cup without spills? Uses spoon/fork successfully? Partly dresses/undresses self? Helps to pick up? Washes hands independently? Urinates in toilet? Bowel movement in toilet?

Fine Motor Development

Stacks blocks three high? Handles scissors for cutting? Handles crayons for scribbling? Unwraps, e.g. candy, bananas? Takes simple objects apart easily?

Social Development

Accepts limits set by adults? Separates from parent easily? Occupies self on simple suggestion (Intitiates own activities)? Plays beside with sustained interest? Show’s affection for people/regard (or for possessions)?

Language Development

Uses words to express wants? Talks-names 10-15 objects (has small noun/verb vocab) Complies with 1-step directions? Makes 2 or 3 word sentences? Uses pronouns “me” and “my”?

Emotional Development

Explores, investigates surrounding? Appears relaxes and at ease in a preschool setting? Can wait a short while? Can tolerate slight frustration?