Infant Developmental Milestones: 0-5 Months

Developmental Milestones: 0-5 Months

This checklist is a general guideline, please remember that all children develop at different rates. Use this resource to discuss strengths and goals when working with a teacher, child specialist, or educational nanny in the home.

0-2 Month Check List

Please answer YES or NO to the following questions regarding the child __________ Reacts to changes in pitch and volume? __________ Responds to speech by looking at the speaker? __________ Has a different response to his/her primary caregiver compared to others? __________ Hold’s his/her head up for a few seconds with support? __________ Raises head up slightly when placed on stomach? __________ Attempts to lift head and chest while lying on stomach? __________ Hold’s his/her hand in a fist? __________ Touch, pull and tug on his own hands? __________ Focus on moving objects with his/her range of sight? __________ Turns head towards bright colors and light? __________ Can be comforted by a familiar adult? __________ Sucks his/her own fingers to soothe? __________ Responds positively to touch? __________ Smiles and responds to social situations?

3-5 Month Check List

__________ Attempts to imitate sounds? __________ Makes sounds in response to your sounds? __________ Responds with a smile or laugh when you smile? __________ Responds to his/her image in the mirror by smiling? __________ Makes noises when he/she sees his/her image in the mirror? __________ Seems to listen to conversations? __________ Turns head towards familiar voices? __________ Responds to his/her own name? __________ Grasps toys/objects? __________ Shakes a rattle when placed in hand? __________ Places objects in mouth? __________ Reaches for toys/objects with both hands? __________ Pulls on own hands and feet? __________ Holds hand in a fist? __________ Holds head up well? __________ Lifts head when placed on stomach? __________ Rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy? __________ Sits upright when propped? __________ Turns head to the sound of a familiar voice? __________ Recognizes familiar faces? __________ Pays attention to nearby faces? __________ Reacts to the game Peek-A-Boo? __________ Laughs out loud? __________ Show’s pleasure by smiling? __________ Respond’s to his/her name?